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About Me

story telling is my passion and photography is my pen of choice!

I am Siddhu Soma (Award Winning Photographer) aged 27 , My journey with photography has been far from conventional, my story of how I became a photographer, is just as much a story of how I became who I am today. Without fully realising it, it has taught me about family, infatuation, and friendship.

The story begins with family, my mother to be specific, who was so in love and awe of her children that she felt the need to document our growth every 6 months.  In a small, barely functioning studio 20kms away from our home, where I and my sister had our portraits taken regularly, I was fascinated by this magic box and everything it did. And THAT is how I met photography.

Like any other teenager, my priority shifted to various other things which included(again, like all teens) a beautiful woman. Using the camera as an easy excuse to get close to her, I started clicking her pictures. Soon, in an adamant effort to impress her further, I started looking to learn more and more about photography everywhere I could, luckily there is nothing the internet doesn’t know. And THAT is how I got to know photography. While I moved on from the girl, my best friend also started to get interested in the subject. Now, most of you are probably thinking when I say “got interested” I mean we spoke about it a lot. Which we did, but what we also did, is went to Second Hand Market and sold off his fairly new bike so we could buy our first DSLR and entered our first photography competition in college, and won! THAT is how I made a friend for life, photography.

The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn. So I assisted a well-established photographer, under who I got to only observe and learn. Soon a good friend gave us an opportunity to shoot a wedding in his family, which was the very first wedding I shot when i was 19 years old 
From there on, I also dabbled with Fashion and Product Photography, but I found none of that as enjoyable. The fact that at a wedding every moment is precious and none of it can be controlled, manipulated or repeated on request makes ridiculously challenging and hence, my favourite. I also happen to constantly get to interact with new people and cultures and be a part of the most intimate and raw moments of some of the best love stories I’ve heard. After 7years of being an active and founding member of PixelArmy, I’ve set out on my own path through being the CEO of VOWs by SiddhuSoma since 2017 January.

– Siddhu Soma

vows by siddhu soma 2017