Apoorva + Isaac | Hyderabad | March 2018

Why not for the first time in the history of Indian wedding industry, should we do a Outdoor Couple shoot using just an iPhone and nothing else?? Wouldn’t that be awesomely challenging?

So, this is what happened…
When the couple Isaac & Apoorva approached me for a unique wedding photography, it is when I decided to break the universal stereotype: ‘it’s all in the high-end cameras that do wonders.’

Is it so? Is it not the creativity of the man behind the camera and not the camera behind the man?

Well then, it is now time to negate that statement. And thus, began the super exciting wedding photo shoot of the beautiful US-based couple, ten years in love and counting, along with my iPhone and me. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, known for its rich cultural heritage and alluring Islamic architecture was beyond doubt the first choice for me. Charminar, Old city and Paigah tombs, were the three beautiful locations for the shoot.


Shot on iPhone X

The couple elegantly dressed up, poised effortlessly to all the photographs and the innovative trials. The first hour of the shoot, set in front of Charminar at the time of the sunrise was captivating. The limitations were many considering no high-end equipment and the lighting. So were the challenges that we faced while shooting amidst the local people. While it seemed obvious that it was some kind of wedding-related photography, it equally baffled people with confusion since there weren’t any hustling bustling of photography arrangements.

People literally asked if it was a ‘phone shoot’ or a ‘couple shoot’. Lol. Irrespective of the numerous limitations and challenges around the environment we worked upon, it is the confidence and faith the couple had in me, which doubled the creativity in my work.

After a cup of the very famous ‘Irani chai’ of Hyderabad, was the second shoot done.

The Paigah tombs. Although the Paigah tombs are known for their beauty and history, it still till date restricted for camera photography/videography inside.This added to our benefit though, now that we decided to shoot with just an iPhone. 😉 Muhahaha. The mesmerizing details of all the intricate jaali designs, walls and beautiful pillars around the tombs resulted in one of the most ‘creatively satisfying’ couple shoots ever.

Well, so isn’t it a proof enough for all the most common statements made about photography?

Cheers to iPhone X…!!!
Cheers to the gorgeous couple…!!!
Cheers to the challenging thought…!!!  and
Cheers to the magic behind the camera…!!!

Director of Photography: Siddhu Soma.
Associate Photographer: Vinay Bhadrishetty.
Making Video: Bhargav singa.
Location: Hyderabad.India
Equipment Used: iPhone X