D + M
Deeply Married




A marriage is a holy cross path where two different souls born at two different corners of the planet come together, join their hands and walk the same path ahead. It’s an unbreakable promise that they make to each other to fight the greater problems ahead with a beautiful weapon called LOVE without letting anyone down.
We as photographers may not continue to walk the same path with them, but it was that amazing cross path that we have joined for a tiny tour of their love. Shooting the auspicious moments of their unification to give them an enhanced memorable experience whenever they look back at their wedding album.

It all started in 2010, when a socially responsible & tomboy bride, attended the groom’s house for the first time to give a demo on the wastage disposal program initiated by her. “Well, it can’t more unromantic.” She giggled. That’s when the groom saw his destined bride for the first time, though the bride saw him an ample number of times before. With his elder sister on board, they all turned out to be the most fun-filled gang. Focusing on their careers to do MBA, they found comfort & inspiring companionship with each other. That’s when the tomboy bride started discovering her feminine interests. Well, Chetan Bhagat, where are you?
The bride’s father was pretty neutral and asked her to write her feelings & thoughts on ‘marriage with the groom’ as they felt awkward discussing this topic face to face.
“The only reason I was asked to write, was to make sure that we weren’t making a hasty decision & that we are sure about it what future we were building.” She said. Soon their fancies spoke on an auspicious day of December, 2016.

WEDDING: We had an amazing experience shooting their wedding ceremony. They were the most energetic & photo enthusiastic couple we have ever come across. It was during the month of romance, the December, when the climate turns into a cold space with longer nights and shorter days, giving a greater scope for the initiation of intimacy. Taking this aura to a higher dimension was the wedding of these two inspiring people.


Photoraphers : Ambati Rohit & Siddhu Soma
Location: Jaya Lakshmi Gardens, Hyderabad.
Outfit: SAUTRA Clothing
Cameras used : Sonya7rii

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