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South Indian Telugu Wedding

THEM: Hers’ a story of a South Indian couple; Mohan & Sharvani whose Telugu wedding ended up being a reflection of their own personality. This couple is every photographer’s dream client, beautiful inside out, fun to the core, enthusiastic and supportive. They were immersed in their wedding celebrations and didn’t pay much heed to anyone around, not even photographers. 

THEIR STORY: Aren’t we all sucker for high school romance, eh?  Just imagine the moment you’re sniggering beside each other in class, and the next, you’re staring into each other’s eyes at the altar this is—OMG—“The One.” Moment! Are you expecting something of that sort? If yes, then THAT’S NOT THEIR STORY –   These two were darling friends for years and have had their own set of relationships. But looks like God had some different plans for these two and they got married. 



We were extremely delighted to be welcomed to their gorgeous two-day celebration set up in their farmhouse away from the city hustle bustle by the riverside. Every aspect of the events was quite elegantly planned. The wedding ceremonies were fun-filled, full of life, lots of love and good vibes.

The decor was floral and aesthetic at it’s best. All tiny details were carefully put and placed with thought-out themes and set up perfectly by Temple Times, Hyderabad. Not to forget the customized bride’s wedding event outfits which were created by Sautra Clothing with a mix of traditional and modern designed outfits.

Their friends and family were no different, the bridesmaids were supercharged and the family of the couple had an electric vibe throughout their wedding celebrations. It was hard to pick the best of this trendy wedding of 2019, but we were able to put some of our favorites which is like a tiny glimpse of the beautiful celebrations of their big day we witnessed held in CK Vijaywada, India.

A big shout out to Sony & Godox for their amazing gear, we were able to create beautiful memories of this South Indian Telugu wedding.



Mangala Snanam




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