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Sweet Souls 



Submitting ourselves completely to our love in this THREE-dimensional world in the THREE most holy ways i.e, emotionally, physically & psychologically, we become one with each knot being tied, to dwell into a world of holiness & happiness, an alluring world of higher dimension. Marriage is such a beautiful phase of turn in our lives, that it can’t go unnoticed or uncelebrated. One such awe-inspiring celebration of the wedding took place at The Hyatt on the most auspicious day of winter under the cool breeze of a little drizzle. Here we give you the delightful wedding quick peek of a precious couple Sridhar + Sruthi

Their Story:

A guy who is an industrialist dealing with the solar power plants received an enormous vibes of energy the moment he witnessed his beautiful soulmate. She resembled an angel in the white, glowing so bright, that she seemed perfectly right, without a choice. It was an instant will to store the energy and the girl for the whole life. It was love at first sight, and the love never shrinked even after the million sights. That’s when they decided to tie the knot and become one.


With stars & moon as the prime witnesses, the wedding transpired during the cold evening in the month of November, 2017. It was a traditional Hindu wedding that took place at the most happening place, Hyatt. The grand reception full of events was followed by the wedding which had a great flavor of Hindu tradition.

Director of Photography: Siddhu Soma
Associate Photographer: Rohit Ambati
Location: Hyatt , Hyderabad.

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