Love them a little more before they're not so little anymore.

While they are going to remain just as young and adorable to you for the rest of your lives, this is the best time to stick them into costumes and props before they learn to protest!

Why you should get a baby shoot :
They are growing and learning something new every minute they are awake now. Although your (and your families’) cell phones are filled with memories, they completely unpredictable, making timing everything. Which is where we come in. We concentrate making the baby happy, and priceless pictures follow.

How we go the extra mile?
We understand that the baby is most comfortable and active when accustomed to people, which is why we make sure the team spends some time with the baby before the shoot. We also ensure that the shoot set up/surroundings are not harsh on them.

How much we charge?
We start at 35,000/-

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