To your 'Happily Ever After' !

These are the days you will look back to over and over again and never get tired of it. So we come fully prepared to make sure we don’t miss a single memory and capture them in style!

What do we do?
We start off by understanding exactly what the couple wants from us and then plan steps ahead to make sure it’s delivered. Although, weddings are almost exhaustively planned, there are always surprises and we are always waiting to shoot with out interfering in or adulterating your precious moments.

How we go that extra mile?
We understand the couple has a million people to deal with already and doesn’t need multiple photographers yell from different corners of the stage trying to get their attention. To make things significantly more simple, we have a director who will deal with the whole team and act as a moderator between the two.

How much we charge?
Every wedding is unique to its hosts’ cultures, styles, limitations and much more. So, we take up all kinds of weddings and charge based on what it demands, starting from 2.5 Lakhs.

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